Vitamin Injections

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B12 injections are a single injection. They have huge benefits including: boosted energy levels, better sleep, support your immune system and supporting your mental health including helping those who suffer from anxiety and depression. They can also help to speed up your metabolism meaning they're great for weight loss and improving your mood.

Vitamin C injection is a single injection with many benefits including: Strengthened immune system, fights colds, promotes better vision and eye health, cancer prevention and helps to control diabetes. 

These vitamin injections also have positive effects to your skin including: anti-ageing, reduces pigmentation, prevents premature hair loss and encourages the production of collagen.


Vitamin B12 injection: £30.00
Vitamin C injection: £30.00
Both injections booked at the same time: £45.00 saving a MASSIVE £15.00!!

Booking information

I offer free consultations with no obligations to book. Upon booking an appointment, I do require a £20 non-refundable deposit. 

My working days vary so please get in touch to arrange a suitable appointment. For those looking for a more private experience, Sunday is a great option as I have exclusive use of the shop.